Maldives has excelled in its educational progress in the past thirty years. The development includes of providing opportunities to complete basic education in all the islands and providing necessary facilities for each child. Likewise, supervision in the education system has widened in the past couple of decade.


In the education system of Maldives, Ministry of Education plays the central role. For easier supervision the country is virtually divided into five zones including the capital as one and under them schools are operated. In the school the highest authorityship differs from Principal to Headmasters (including assistantships of the stated posts). Some schools have even more than three people in post above headmastership. However, it is important to highlight that is even if there are many people in the higher management, a special post named as Supervisor is allocated for each school to help the overall teaching and learning. In most of the cases a each school has two or more supervisors and the number depends on the level of education and number of students studying in the schools.


Earlier, supervisors were appointed by the Ministry of Education, as per with the recommendation of the school head. However, at present, supervisorship is open for eligible professionals to compete. The need for a supervisor must be publicly advertised whereby the requirements expected by the school are clearly mentioned. Then among the competitors who have the best professional qualification and experience is nominated based on the performance in an interview held by an independent committee. This has opened the education system for a faster and quicker development.